2001 Didgeridoo Competition Winner!

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And the Winner is... Conor Mitchell from Florida, USA

As you can see, Conor's new didj has now arrived in Florida

Conor Mitchell, lucky winner of the 2001 Prize Didj promotion Competition

We are thrilled to see it put to such great use and glad that you really enjoy it!
Congratulations from all at The Didjshop!

Conor had this to say about the Didjshop and its staff.
These and other comments can be seen in the Visitors Book section of the site.

"It's such a pleasure to experience a company like didjshop.com. In all my interactions with them, they have been EXTREMELY courteous, helpful, and pleasant. Winning a beautiful, resonant didj is icing on the cake. I hold them in the highest regard, and I really can't say enough about a business that treats you like a human being that deserves respect. They truly deserve any and all praise thrown at them, as they seem like genuinely kind, professional people.

As for the didj, it's painted beautifully, and is surprisingly resonant and deep despite its extremely light weight. It seems naturally made for sound healing and meditation, as well as sounding clear enough for live performance. Overall, I cannot recommend didjshop.com enough--reasonable prices, great people, and an excellent product.

A perfect combination!"

- Conor Mitchell

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